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Life is all about coming home to ourselves, our fullest, richest, happiest and most peace-filled self! My path is all about facilitating this experience. It ever evolves from Carmelite nun, to ministry staff, to facilitator of many classes, workshops and retreats.

Now it has evolved again into the shape of author and speaker, hoping to speak a word of inspiration and let you touch Source within. You can also make a date today for yourself....private spiritual direction sessions are a massage for the soul.

New Inspiration for 2016

TheikoSoma is going strong! The mystic school and the bi-monthly ritual gatherings are in full swing. Check out for all the details.

November 8th 7-9pm Wesley Chapel/fellowship hall
1290 Folsom Street. Love donation
Join Rev. Kimberly Braun for a deep dive into the experience of Jesus Christ. Taking a sayings attributed to Jessu in the Gospels and writings of mystics of a few eras (desert fathers and mothers, Carmelites and more) the class will open new doors to experience the presence of Christ in your life.

November 10th. The Beloved: Celebrating the Love of Self.
Join us for the third gathering where we step into a new experience of the The Beloved. We will have chant, sacred bowl sounding, poetry, meditation, intentional gathering to break bread and share wine, and ECSTATIC DANCE!  
You can come for any portion of the evening. 
7-8:15  Music, chant, meditation, inspiration, bread, wine and much more
8:15-9:30 Dance...with playlist created to tap the Beloved within

November 15th. The mystics who loved Jesus. 7-9pm Wesley Chapel
Join Kimberly for another deep dive into the experience of Jesus Christ. This time we will concentrate on the poetry of a few mystics such as Augustine, Therese of Lisieux, Julian of Norwich, John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. There own direct experience will give us the opportunity to open ourselves in a new way to the Christ presence in our lives.




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