Description of the Meditation App

All levels of experience will benefit, including those of you who have never tried it before. This meditation is all for you. At your core you have all you could need or desire, but sometimes the distractions of the day take you away from that strength and insight. These meditations (and many more to come,) offer you the gateway to reconnect with the source within you. Whether you are seeking to de-stress, improve focus, strengthen health or enhance your ability to be truly present in life meditation and contemplative practices are powerful tools to aid you in the process. What is even better you do not have to even go anywhere to use them once you develop the natural ability.

This application includes two instructions and two meditations.

Introduction: Preoccupations of the Mind addresses a few of the challenges our perspectives about mind chatter pose to personal silence and stillness. It is these misconceptions that can limit our confidence, sometimes even leave us feeling discouraged enough to abandon meditation all together. The audio give a few helpful hints to allow the mind to assume its healthy place during and after your practice.

Breathing With the Palms Meditation  10 min. uses the breath and the palms to create a steady rhythm of inhale and exhale. The grounding quality of moving opening and closing the palms will help you de-stress and integrate the breath into all parts of the body.

Body Breath Meditation  13 min.
is a short relaxation/rejuvenation exercise sure to give you new energy in your day. The breath is a powerful, easily accessible means to bring you into your body, away from distractions, worries and tensions, enabling you to truly ‘be.’ Wide and varied are the exercises you can do with your breath, this is just one example.

Heartbeat meditation  12 min.
takes you into the rhythm of your heartbeat as a means to bringing balance to all parts of yourself. Even though it involves a little imagination (not all of us are in touch with our heartbeat without feeling our pulse) it opens the door to being in touch with not only our bodies, but our intentions, our mind and our spirit.



These recordings have been created by Kimberly Braun LLC. I also offer private sessions and groupworkshops and retreats, all of these are great ways to deepen your own practice. More meditations will soon be available.

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