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Individual Sessions
Engage a private session with Kimberly to move you towards your personal hopes and goals.  An initial consultation is offered for free so you can identify your challenges and desires, and set up a game plan of techniques tailored to your needs. Kimberly offers any of the following in her sessions:

1. Meditation coaching. Experienced in multiple focusing, relaxation, meditation practices Kimberly will introduce you and help you find the practice that works for you. She will help you dissolve the challenges inherent in beginning or building a steady practice, along with dispel the misconceptions that only the ‘few’ are able to meditation.

Whether it is learning her 3 point process, learning new techniques and discussing ways to build your meditation muscle at home, or enjoy a guided meditation with Kimberly, you will walk away charged.

2. Spiritual direction/companioning.
Trained in spiritual direction, I will help create a non-judgmental space for you to explore your personal growth. Helping to see with your inner eye the events in your life, embrace change, and explore playfully your calling to greater peace and joy.

3. Energy work/Reiki
Formed by my contemplative lifestyle and my family open to healing gifts, trained in the three degrees of Reiki I will happily share these gifts with you. Lay back for an experience of complete receiving.  These sessions help to release old blocked energy and beliefs and open you to the abundance of the spirit.

Interested in being trained in Reiki? I offer private sessions beginning with an initial consultation to assess the program best for you. The degree of your experience and learning are taken into account as we design a course to expand and consecrate this work in official training.

4. Breath work
The breath is one of our most powerful, always accessible tools for our own growth.  The patterns of the breath not only give us valuable information about our needs, but can also be the means by which we release toxins and enliven body, mind, and spirit.

5. Reiki Training
We all have within us the power to heal, transform, and liberate. Do you find yourself curious and inclined to learn more about your own strengths of channeling the universal life breath?  We can tailor a program to offer you the opportunity to learn, experience Reiki and experience facilitating Reiki.  A free ½ hour consultation precedes the first session to assess the best program for your needs. All prior experience and learning are honored and built upon.  

Oftentimes I have been asked about retreats, what they are and how they work. This is one of my favorite offerings because of the sheer power the experience provides.  Why do I find them so great? When you step away from your daily routine, and step into a period of time that is filled with inspiration, practices, and intention to aid you in your intentions, you set up a construct for the intention to be fulfilled. Maybe your intention is just to be able to relax, maybe it is to discern a life change, or grieve, or expand in new directions, or learn how to integrate your best efforts into a daily practice of peace and wisdom.

The intentions are shaped by you alone. While retreat facilitators are a huge help in your process, the real journey is taken by you, and you are never alone. A retreat offers you the opportunity to step away from any false sense of securities into the vulnerable place where all security can be found, irrevocably.

Weddings and ceremonies
The explanation of these services is best read on the special moments page. Please refer to this page, along with the subheadings.

Keynote Talks
These brief but punchy talks are geared to charge up your group with insight and inspiration. The topic is chosen in our personal, free consultation.

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