Personal Growth

Are you yearning to engage your transformation process with greater ease?

Or do you stand at the door of change, wanting greater clarity and strength?

Maybe it is time to dissolve the triggers and the grief that lay deep within, and allow your natural, creative, compassionate spirit to take greater reign,

Or perhaps you are playfully exploring new ways to grow and expand...

I am a seeker just like you, my life's work has been devoted to learning about this process called self-realization and am here to help you touch your inner power and peace, and live from that place in your daily life.

Take a look at the following options for your personal growth, your inner self is calling!

Please feel free to email me with any questions.  Make sure to check out my special package rates below.

Individual Sessions:     $90.00 per hour

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To contact Kimberly, call 941-284-3036 or e-mail her.



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