Stress Management

Are daily pressures and responsibilties taking away your joy and spontaneaity?

Do you feel overwhelmed about your present situation, the future or the past?

Do you find certain relationships at work, home, or in life trigger you and take away your peace?

Is stress effecting your health and well-being?

Maybe you are simply making it through your day, wishing to find new zest and freedom... 

Stress in our lives is the chief cause of disease, not only for our bodies, but also our minds and hearts...Stress can also be a messenger to bring us to a greater place of peace and freedom. This indicator, usually taking the form of endless thinking, or bodily pain, is trying to say, 'Hey, pay attention!'

The greater challenge is not in enduring stress, but in learning to hear the message and make the necessary change within ourselves and outside ourselves.

Let me assist you in this journey. Let me walk with you, share in your experience, offer my techniques and my education in the service of YOUR peace and YOUR empowerment. The road is much easier than what it may appear to be and I am here to help.

Individual Sessions:     $90.00 per hour

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