Special Moments

The special moments of our life are always an invitation to deeper mysteries, the mystery of our being alive, the mystery of love, transition, union, separation, letting go, embracing and more...Rituals are powerful ways to accept the invitation and walk through a gateway into the deeper world of mystery. The words and symbols become the means by which our souls touch the unspoken lying at the center of our being.



Humans participate in all sorts of rituals from the cup of coffee in the morning, to the first day of school for a child, to the traditions of friends, families and cultures. Many of our memories alive in our minds are couched in the event we call ritual.  Rituals help us discover who we are, and taste the kind of joy, unconditional reassurance and love, and peace for which we all long throughout our journey in this life.

Creating a ritual that uses the symbols, words, gestures and objects

Life Transitions and more

meaningful to you personally is an important part of the event.                                                                                      

It is characteristic in the ceremonies I lead to spend whatever time is needed to define and craft a service that honors your intentions.

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photo credits:  hand holding  babyferns