Life Transitions and more

There are so many powerful moments of our life. The passing of those close to us, a birthday, a coming of age, a start of a new career or direction and so many more...

Each of these events are opportunities for us to draw deep within, express our ourselves with trust, and listen to the even sure answer that we are
supported, loved, celebrated and never, never alone.

Bringing these transition points into the experience of ritual facilitates that process we call self-realization, or true freedom. We can touch, taste, sense, and know with certainty and comfort when we walk through the doors ritual opens for us.

In this deep belief of the power of ritual, I will guide you in identifying and composing the elements most meaningful to you, then officate the process so those very elements provide the grace for all you desire, whether it is celebration, letting go, inaugurating, or memorializing.




Your Ceremony:
-Questionnaire and outline via email give you a chance to tell me what you would like including words, symbols, and flow for the day.
-Follow up email of ceremony for your approval, within 48 hours
-Officiating the service

Your Ceremony Plan:
-2 in-person consultation sessions to discuss, flesh out, and identify the symbols, words and structure to suit your needs. I will also provide resources for follow up via email.  These sessions can also be used as a 'couples empowershop.'
-Program design for all attending (printing cost not included)
-Officiating the service

Your Ultimate Ceremony Plan:

-2 consultation sessions per guidelines above
-Program design for all attending (printing cost not included)
-Empowershop preparation sessions offer you the opportunity to engage a program of connecting, healing and developing on deeper levels as you prepare for this next stage in your life journey. With me, we will choose your topics from a menu of options, I will prepare each session with exercises and reflections based on the topic, and together we will unleash your inner power and peace.  These sessions can take the form of grief counseling, spiritual direction, and/or personal growth.
-Officiating the service
$250.00 plus $50.00 per empowerment session

To contact Kimberly, call 941-284-3036 or e-mail her.



photo credits: budding plant  shell