A sweet Buddha statue sits outside the door of my friend, Colleen’s, Mystic Gathering Center, in Mystic Connecticut. And one day, all day long,  he looks at me seeming to say each time I pass, ‘A penny for your thoughts?’

And each time a different answer came forward as the day hosted the ever running stream of musings.

He, the Buddha, made me wonder. Do we value our thoughts? If a penny were really given for every thought we were glad we spent time thinking, would we be rich or poor?

If we could vet our thoughts and keep only the ones we would want to share would there be abundance? Or would we be reduced to silence?

The Buddha seemed to care so much when I looked upon him, I felt naked. What would it be like, feel like, to have someone care about our thoughts? Someone, say, like ourselves?

And what would it be like, feel like, if we spent more time offering a penny for the thoughts of another?  We have a storehouse of pennies in the form of sincerity and presence. We are rich.

A penny for your thoughts….


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