Be your own friend

Be your own friend


In the hidden recesses of your mind and self, you have you. While intimacy and relationship are part of our joy here on this earth, even other human beings cannot penetrate the private counsel of our deep selves.


Since this is so, be your own friend. Be the one who holds your dreams with care. Be the one who offers understanding in challenging decisions and situations. Be the one who cheers you on in your efforts. Be the one who takes the courageous, counter-cultural step and says, ‘I believe in you,’ and means it from the bottom of the heart.


Our society still supports the notion that it is better to condemn ourselves than to accept ourselves unconditionally. It is one of the most sabotaging actions in existence. When we truly step up to the plate of honest self-love, false notions of exaltation fail to breathe in that pure air. What exists there is truth, responsibility, and love.


The fear of many ages still rings itself around in our psyches. This fear purports that is it dangerous to offer ourselves that much appreciation, dramatically exclaiming, ‘You will become an egotistical person, hurting yourself and others…No, no,’ this voice goes on, ‘only appreciation can be given in the face of self-effacing and even then the true acceptance of it must be strictly guarded by the ruler, fear.’ How can fear wield such a powerful influence upon us, and even lead us to believe it is a marker for being in truth?


All greatness we witness in our world comes from actions free of fear. All greatness comes from love, and love does not exist side by side with fear as a ruler. Love can be our strength when the tyrant of fear comes around, but it does not share its reign.


Yet, even if we admire the courage of those acting without fear, we still allow this attitude to prevail. At least many of us do. We even ask, ‘is it okay for me to believe in myself?’


Those who befriend themselves take the courageous road. Only true friendship shines a light of honesty and integrity upon our innermost beings.


So be your own friend. Take that courageous step; let this friendship be your foundation. It will unravel unseen riches waiting to be expressed within you, it will launch you into full expression, and it will lead you further into your own inspired life.

Your friend,


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