There is always a journey involved in our lives, a journey of awakening.
And since awakening is an evolving process, there can be great consolation to be found in knowing we are all learners, all continuing to grow into wholeness.

This retreat will bring you close, with tenderness and depth, to where you truly are in your life.
Offering ways, you can, in the privacy of your own counsel held by the community, open your heart and soul in new ways to the wisdom that is already within you.

We will enjoy practices and reflections to unearth what we are talking about when it comes to alchemy, presence, awakening and source…leading to the transformation in our own understanding, healing and transmuting trauma on any level, and stepping into life changed.

This 9-day retreat includes:

Retreat books
17 Recorded sessions
Lodging in Valladolid, Izamal, the yellow city, St. Elena and Playa del Carmen
All transportation during the retreat

3 cenotes
Kinich Kakmo ruins
Uxmal Ruins with personal guide
Kabah Ruins
Guided tour of Convento San Antonio de Padua, Izamal
Light of the Maya video sound mapping

Cacao Museum in Uxmal
Guided tour of Lol Ha Stingless Beekeepers (owned and run by 10 women)

Tour of Mani and its embroidery shops and more
Evening of personal Mayan astrology and cacao (just for us)
Dances of Universal Peace – an international gathering happening in Puerto Morales

The retreat cost does not include:

Retreat cost: 1500.00


February 1-2

Arrive to Valladolid

Enjoy settling in on your own

February 3
7-9 Breakfast. We are staying near many options
9am Opening ceremony and meditation
10am Inspirational Reflection

11:30 leave for exploration of Valladolid
Lunch will happen out as we choose
3:00pm Free time
5:00pm Evening meditation
5:30pm Evening inspirational talk
Solitary exercise
7pm Dinner as a group or on our own


February 4

7-9am Breakfast
9am Morning meditation
9:30 Inspirational Reflection
10:50pm Travel by bus to Izamel, the yellow city
Drop bags at our charming Mexican hacienda with a pool,
lunch on your own or spontaneously together
1:30pm Guided tour of the Convent de San Antonio de Padua
It is the largest enclosed atrium in America and second largest in the world

We will learn why Spanish came here first,
What is the spiritual significance of Izamal to the Mayans and so much more
3pm Free time (menu of choices)
5pm Evening Meditation

5:30pm Inspirational Reflection
7pm Dinner on your own or spontaneously together

February 5th
7-9am Breakfast
9am We leave for Kinich Kakmo, the largest pyramidal foundation in the world

Our meditation and reflection will take place here
11am Free time and lunch on your own or spontaneously together
2pm Optional visit to Cenotes Santa Barbara
5pm Evening Meditation
5:30 Inspirational Talk
7pm Dinner together
8:30pm Light of the Maya, a video sound mapping of the Mayan culture that takes place outside on the walls of the large Convent.


February 6

NOTE: Purchase breakfast ahead of time
7am leave for early start brings us to the Mayan Ruins, Uxmal

Solitary practice for the journey
10am Begin guided tour of Uxmal
Meditation and Inspirational Reflection will happen in the ruins

3pm Cacao Museum
Back to our lodging to settle in and have dinner
9pm Optional Compline (night prayer)

February 7
7-9am Breakfast
Morning session takes place in the Kabah Ruins
Lunch and free time
2pm Afternoon of solitude and exploration with prompts
5pm Evening meditation
5:30 Inspirational Reflection and partner exercise
7pm Dinner in Santa Elena or at the Pickled Onion


February 8
7-9am Breakfast
9am Morning meditation
9:30am Inspirational reflection
Taxi to Mani

Guided tour of a Lol Ha Bee Keeping complex women owned and run
The bees are stingless and if you wish you allow them to rest on you
Noon Lunch on your own

1:30pm Visit on foot to various studios where Mexican embroidery is being done
Free time
5pm Evening meditation
5:30 Inspirational reflection
7pm Dinner in Santa Elena

February 9
7-8 Breakfast
8am Morning meditation and session
9am taxi back to PDC

Optional wisdom sharing
Settle into our lodgings.

Free time
5pm Evening meditation
5:30pm Inspirational reflection
7pm Fun night out on the town for rooftop music


February 10
7:30am Morning walking meditation to local coffee shop
Breakfast and wisdom sharing
11am Inspirational session
Free time
5pm Evening meditation and inspirational session
6pm Dinner
7pm Mayan Astrology and Cacao Ceremony

February 11

7-8:30am Breakfast
8:30 Collectivo to Puerto Morales for Dances of Universal Peace
Lunch in Puerto Morales
4pm Closing Ceremony
Final evening out on the town for dinner and music.

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