Every year I offer an internationally attended meditation immersion during the traditional Christian season called Advent.
Advent is a time of preparation for new birth within ourselves and our lives. If you wish to be included in the invitation, just sign up for my newsletter!
We also gather for a six week meditation immersion during the traditional Christian season called Lent.

Won’t you give yourself this gift? We would love to have you!


Lift the veil
that obscures
the heart

and there
you will find
what you are
looking for



So simple, so poignant.
Kabir’s words pierce through all the ways we wish to fall back to sleep.

Will you lift the veil this season?

Will you say yes to the anarchy of your wild heart?

Anarchy is to be without a ruler and your wild heart is created for freedom, especially from the ruling constraints that exist individually and collectively. to be without the ruling constraints that hem the populus. Some of the constraints are easy to say no, and some are not…what about all the beliefs you have accepted as true that frame a proper, holy, respectful way to be?


Is it time?
Is NOW the day of salvation?

Is now the time to step up the Divine Dance and settle for nothing less but raw freedom?

This six week immersion will be a mix of daily freshly pre-recorded and live sessions arriving straight into your inbox the day before.

Contribution: 30.00

Click HERE for payment and details will follow!



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