We are so excited to bring this event into creation

Our local community is rich in exploration through sacred sound
Kirtan abounds, ancient chant continues and new forms of sacred sound continues to permeate the land.

This festival will bring us all together, to celebrate our diversity and magnify our unity. 

Mark your calendars for this 3 day event!
Check out ALL the details and registration here: https://www.blisschantandsacredsound.com

Here are some of the many offerings you can expect:
These will take place as a continuous stream of sound in the yellow barn

Kirtan by numerous groups with diverse origin and inspiration
Chant and Mantra coming from Buddhist, Taoist and Tantric traditions
Christian chant
Sound healing with crystal and tibetan bowls

and so much more!

Around the fire ring outside you can enjoy:
Women’s circle song
Dances of Universal Peace
Drum circle
Musical improv
And more!

Dedicated tent to Knowledge and Vision.
This space will offer 1 hour immersions into the form, origin and history and structure of sacred sound and chant.
Come to learn more deeply about all the chant and sacred sound! Learning fundamentals can help to open your heart even more in transformation and love

Creators of projects and initiatives focused on helping our world on all levels will be sharing their vision with you here. Do you have a project you are brining into the world? You can reserve your 1-2 hour spot to create community awareness around a vision you are bringing into form to benefit our world!

The land will have dedicated space to host:
Movement such as tai chi, yoga, qi-gong, and…:)
Musical jams and improv
Meaningful conversations and personal sharing

We will provide healthy food trucks so you can stay all day!

This landing page will be refined to include registration, schedules, and all the juicy details you need to create a powerful experience for yourself!


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