Mystic Mirrors Immersion

October 14-20

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Many of us are familiar with individuals who lived deeply Spirit illuminating lives and passed onto us the fruit of their experience through writings, poetry, and presence.

Sometimes we call them mystics, like Kabir, Teresa of Avila, Hafiz, and Mirabai, to name a few...

They mirror to us our own essential nature.

Looking to them, calling them in, opening ourselves to be touched by their utterances allows us to rest into wordless truths at the center of our being and pour forth our individual fragrance in the world.

This fragrance is the Divine coming into fullness in us and as us.

At least that is how I see it.

We will be exploring 6 unique mystics of diverse lineages that are no longer with us in form. Our Saturday Immersion will be with Teresa of Avila since it is the even of her feast day! Each additional day will be a surprise 🙂

NOTE: This is a combination of zoom gatherings, live meditations, and freshly recorded videos.

Event Schedule

  • Saturday, October 14th: Opening event with Teresa of Avila on the even of her feast day 10am-Noon MST. This 2 hour event will include meditation, inspirational reflection, group wisdom sharing and practices to take with you
  • Monday, October 16th-October 20th : 10-10:30 Live Zoom Meditation, Reflection and Share.
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