There are so many different perspectives. It seems every different point is another vantage point. Right nowI sit in a coffee shop, playing with the thought that I could stand in millions of different places here and have a different view. And this is of something as small as a coffee shop.

Do you think the same applies to larger more abstract ways of connecting? For instance, could you say you have a million different places from which you can stand in your relationship to your job, your home, your community even yourself? I could go on and on with the possible points from which you could stand and to which you may direct yourself. So let’s take this small sampling…job, home, community and self.


I recently decided to make a few personal changes which prompted a fun conversation with a friend of mine. In talking about my newfound goal to get all my exercise outside a gym he offered me the ‘opportunity’ to mow the grass at the chapel of which he is campus minister and the attending lawn of his home.

Maybe I should set the stage….we had just finished dancing to Hazel Miller for an hour or two and were feeling pretty delicious after the jiving music and the blissful play of our dancing. So he suggested we go for a glass of wine at a super small, quaint and college student frequented place called The Sip. The one managing was also serving, it was that small and really quiet for a Friday night.


As playful as our dance had been, so was the conversation. Not unusual for us as colleagues who were ever growingfriends. Banter, silliness, deep thoughts and just fun rolled on like a red carpet that just kept going with no end in sight. So we followed the unraveling eagerly meeting each turn in the focus with equal curiosity tainted with teasing and probing.


At some point I told him my goal…’Ah, I’ve got a great opportunity for you,’ he said. ‘You could mow the grass…I even have one of those old mowers that are hard to push!’ He went on with all seriousness, letting me know how sincere he was to support my new venture. ‘And you could pay me for the exercise,’ he proceeded.


As soon as he said it laughter gurgled up from my gut, ‘you want me to pay you to mow your lawn?!’ I laughed. ‘Yes,’ he continued intently, convinced of the service he was offering me. ‘you see you would be helping me but even more I am giving you the opportunity to get a great workout and be of service…’

‘Rhonda!’ I called the manager over from her end of the night glass washing, ‘Rhonda,’ I could hardly tell her through my laughter, ‘Roger says I can pay him to mow his lawn!’


And the story goes…we re-negotiated to my mowing the lawn for him bringing me to a night when Rhonda was working to enjoy a glass of wine.

But what do you think about that perspective. Isn’t it interesting? It was quite plausible, his offer, and it reminded me that there are so many focal points from which we can stand and to which we can look.


If this is so, then what is a focal point that is causing you disease? Do you want to change your stance? You can, you know? Yes, you can. And that…THAT could make all the difference.


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