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Meditation is quite a buzz word today, piquing the interest of so many, and yet so many think the practice is out of their reach. I am here to share with you how accessible meditation can be in your daily life. One of the misconceptions is that it is for the spiritual elite, those who have a special ability to sink into stillness or silence. Yet, from where I stand each person already lives from this place and the only need is remembering or learning how to remember.


Join me in building a community that meditates. Why? Because a community that meditates becomes empowered to create a world of compassion, truthfulness and true progress.


I believe the practice of prayer, meditation and contemplation is individual, that is, unique to very person. It is a territory to be navigated with eyes eager to learn and trust that the treasure they are seeking is brimming and wishing to be found within.


Join me in an adventure, the inner adventure where horizons reveal the unfolding beauty
of the Uncreated ever present and ever beyond our holding. Here we find we are held.


This word meditation has become quite an umbrella to describe practices and processes. I acknowledge my umbrella use of that term and at first was reticent to use it out of respect for the sophisticated traditions and systems that developed from the earliest years of humanity. (If you are of these schools please forgive my blanket term and accept my respect.)

Why Meditate?


I speak to you from my personal experience which includes decades of allowing silence to inform and form me…however your path is your own, so why not explore?!


Contemplative practices in general have a universally positive effect because they open us to the realization of ourselves as part of and living from Life Force directly. The fruits of such allowing are common desires for us all-such as peace, joy, or insight. Coming home to ourselves in silence (as I like to refer to it,) establishes us in this Flow. Health is increased on every level. Internal boundaries that keep destructive patterns in place are softened so the deeper root of trauma can be dissolved with less struggle and sometimes even effortlessly


Ah, I could say so much more! Especially about the joy and playfulness that will be yours…so…isn’t the better question,


Why NOT meditate?

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