Miley takes us on a ride

Miley takes us on a ride


Lately there has been a lot of talk about Miley Cyrus’ choices. In fact it is quite a hot topic in more ways than one. The hot, fast opinions firing outward betray our still ongoing dilemma around personal expression and sexuality. Why is this? What deeper questions are lurking in the unspoken caverns of our American psyche?


We hide these insecurities behind strong opinions to defend the search for individual freedom, or protect the sacredness of some articulated morality…both fundamental urges within us, yes?


But what would happen if we stopped the pressing desire to have it together when it comes to Miley’s dress code? What if we focused on the arising feelings showing us our own beliefs about ourselves when we watch her latest mesmerizing moves in video?


What would be a philosophical inquiry not so much about Miley, but about the raging conversation swirling about..and is it possible to have a collective breakthrough?


Are collective breakthroughs possible? They have happened through powerful figures such as Martin Luther King Jr, what about a young singer who weilds a finessed sword of her own sexuality and plays with it in front of us?


It is quite an opportunity that she is pulling forward, the unrest of the divided human person. It is not a divided culture, no, culture and Miley mirror to us our own inner division if we find ourselves arising on any level with confusion, fire, disdain, exultation, or discomfort. But we are not alone, very few in the history of the human race have come to the shores of integration of the whole self.


And Miley’s own audacity is power well-used at least up to this moment. She embodies the move from ‘talk’ to ‘play’ in the embodiment, and that is a seriousness that is worthy of the human spirit.


If thewhole search stops here, though, we chance ending in superficial realms, that frustrate the heart. If we go the course, let the open display of sexuality break open our minds to challenge the puritanical taboos of what is sacred and what is profane and break apart the definitions that keep us in patterns of relationship with ourselves and others that have never really given us personal security anyway, we begin to find a truth that will set us free.


A truth that sets us onto the plain beyond cemented opinions, fills us with compassion for the wrestling match around us, and provides us the sweetness of inner freedom to make our own choices from a place of empowerment.


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