Sometimes life feels bereft of juice.

How are you when this seems to be the case?

Do you try to force a little juice?
Do you lament and focus on not having juice?
Do you blame yourself for not being open enough and use a magnifying glass to dissect your psyche to figure out the problem?

Or…do you sit placidly knowing the energy of life will always ebb and flow?

I suppose my question is mostly about the quality of your response…is it free or is it laden with assumptions and expectations?

Last night that my energy was low of feeling juice and I longed to feel more exhilaration and direction about the tasks to be done…in short I longed to have more juice. Since life for me seems to be gushing in a dynamic way so often I was uncomfortable.

My response was not free at first. I started reaching for thoughts and choices that would juice me up, and each thought was only a quick high. In fact each thought was kind of negative under the guise of being problem solving.

Each idea of what I could have or do last night (whether I acted on it or not,) was only a quick high.

Which got me reflecting…
the state that felt like waning juice was not meant to be exited so quickly.
Not feeling inspiration can be such a challenge, so I did what seems to work for me.

I entered into it, straight into it.

Years back when I was teaching at Omega I booked a session with a healer that impressed me during her workshop. During our private session a strong image of Jesus and Buddha sitting in rocking chairs on a porch watching the world go by came to her and then to me. As we were watching we were amazed at the scene and then an etheric ‘call’ came to one of them, and instantaneously the inspired one disappeared at the speed of light in response to the call.

So this image is one that speaks to me for us today.
If life IS juice,
and it feels bereft of juice,
perhaps the call is to sit placidly and watch the world go by.

We can be assured that inspiration is happening. And the ebbing can let us viscerally learn how faithfully inspiration is happening without our doing anything at all…

This psalm speaks so well,
‘O Lord my heart is not proud nor my eyes haughty,
I busy not myself with things greater than me
nay rather I have stilled and quieted my soul
Like a weaned child upon its mother’s lap
So is my soul within me.’
Psalm 131

What ways today could you sit in a rocking chair with the body of trust and knowing of Jesus or Buddha?


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