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Beloved Found - Poetry From The Source by Kimberly Braun

Beloved Found, Poems From The Source

Beloved Found, Poems from the Source, contains a tapestry of expressive poems wholly focused upon the experience of humanity and the Divine. Just like the provocative words of the Song of Songs in Hebrew Scriptures, and the utterances of mystics of all ages, Beloved Found is a place where your own inner longings and joys can find a voice and a friend.


Kimberly Braun is a minister and mystic. Inspired from her earliest recollections through experiences of the Divine, she spent ten and a half years as a Carmelite monastic nun, went forward to complete her Masters in Theology, with a concentration upon the adult spiritual journey, was ordained through further formation and has been serving others in their own process of awakening into wholeness for more than twenty-two years. She offers retreats, talks, online classes, videos, meditation immersions, private sessions and more.

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Miracles in the Naked Light by Kimberly Braun

Miracles In The Naked Light,
The Extraordinary Life In Every Moment

One simple YES can transform your life forever.Discover the mesmerizing true story where a youngCarmelite monastic nun finds herself at the center of an extraordinary project that inspired countless hearts to contribute their own gifts of heart, skill, time, and resources.


Unveil the secrets of grace, love, and insight as you witness Sister Annunciata’s (Kimberly Braun) life-changing journey filled with twists and turns. From a 17,000 square foot monastery rising with beauty and strength to the profound beauty of Consciousness taking form, this captivating story will challenge your
perceptions and make you question what’s truly possible.


Join Kimberly as she delves into the essence of human experience, where openness, humanness, and devoted love pave the way for the miraculous. Miracles in the Naked Light is more than just a book; it’s a mirror that reflects the Ineffable Source moving through every aspect of life.


Get ready to explore the boundless power of saying YES, and embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave you forever changed. Are you ready to embrace the Extraordinary?

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Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite Nun

Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite Nun, pulls back the veil on Kimberly Braun’s rich experience of self and Spirit as she lived in silence as a Carmelite nun. This first book in a trilogy will immerse you in her formative childhood moments and early mystical experiences in Cincinnati, inspiring the desire to plunge into the adventure of the spiritual path, taking you through the doors and into the hidden life in a Carmelite monastery in North Dakota at the age of 24. This radical choice comes after five years of inner transformation and absorption, taking place oftentimes for hours, into deep stillness and bliss.

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In The Flow CD Ancient Chant with Bowls

In The Flow-Gregorian Chant with bowls

Gregorian chant is written to bring us into sync with nature. The wave like structure of the chant aligns with the way all creation moves. Add to that the melodic feminine voice and Latin phrasing and you have a recipe for sweet peace. While the most popular recordings of chant are usually of men, few people realize that women have been voicing these ancient sounds (and might possibly outnumber the men though it would be impossible to say for sure,) since its very creation. These tracts are from a variety of themes throughout the year and are some of Kimberly’s favorites.

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Essence Meditation Technique

Essence Meditation technique CD

This CD breaks open Kimberly’s technique used for learning meditation. Based upon the anthropological structure found in ritual, each point serves as a sublime set-up to in increase your ability to remain in the present moment. Length:45 min.

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Guided Meditation Compilation

Guided Meditation Compilation CD

Breathing Peace 10 minutes
This restorative technique
utilizes the constant rhythm of inhale and exhale to release stress and increase peace.


Heartbeat Meditation 10 minutes
Sensing your own heartbeat in this guided meditation
proves to be a powerful technique to relax the body and create a sense of unity


Release and Joy 10 minutes
Constant stress collects in the body, challenges stamina and focus and deprives us of joy
Using the breath Kimberly helps you move from a place of tension to a place of ease.


Journey Into the Earth 25 minutes
This meditation uses the imagination faculty to open a space within you to experience your deeper self. You will take a short guided journey into the earth to discover untapped gifts, come to deep peace, and emerge with

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Private Session

Private sessions

Individual session with Kimberly. (includes free consultation).

Price: $125.00

Note: email me for special discount for multiple sessions

Keynote Talks

Keynote talks

Hire Kimberly for a keynote talk for your next conference, lecture series, or group.
reservation 100.00 non refundable.
Travel expenses not included.

Price: $1500.00

Shamanic Journey with Amalghemy and Kimberly Braun


Check out this collaboration taking place at Washington University. St. Louis, MO
An evening of many voices and instruments and hearts coming together…

Hire Kimberly for an inspirational talk, retreat or workshop. Submit your inquiry today
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