Yesterday morning I had a beautiful moment with a friend. it was a time where once again a human being was manifold. From the delight of friend to friend, to them being the gateway to my eternal Beloved. Sometimes I wonder when I will abide with this Beloved who is ever abiding me, without interruption…

We have walked this path so many lingering moments my love.
You always held my hand lightly,
Like a mist that covers the land 
imperceptible to the touch
shrouding to the dense eye
Our eyes meet,
They are not of the dense kind
They mirror the brilliant soul
That gives us 
a guided step

And me,
to feel you once again on this path,
You are my only Vision

What ways do your friends let you touch deep fulfillment within?
One of the principles of many spiritual traditions is ‘As within, so without.’ Do you believe this? Do you believe that your inner state is reflected outside of you?

Let’s try it on for size for that is what I experienced yesterday morning with my friend.

Yesterday morning I was in a place of peace and openness. A friend and I had shared some deep time, including meditation, ritual and holding each other. In that embrace I could feel my own eternity, I could feel the hesitancies to trust the Divine, I could feel the being held IN my own disbelief AND my belief.

This took me within. My friend was an occasion for being reminded of my Beloved. Not just ‘in my mind,’ but in my heart and in my body. A mirror stood before me and glimpses of being guided and feeling my Beloved again arose from within me.

It was so light.
So very light that I would have missed it if my eyes were not searching for the Beloved.

Today, I do not feel the same delight. I awoke with all sorts of dilemmas. And wondered, is the world going to reflect to me today my/its problematic nature? Will I get caught in fraught? NO.

I decide. I decide to plunge into trust.

What about you?


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