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Standing Strong AND Happy In the Storm
Living Focused, Joyful, Audacious and Peace-filled
8 weeks of Practices and Perspectives
to Set You Free!
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Is it possible to stand strong in every circumstance in your life?
What would it be like to feel your own sense of equanimity?

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To find you have ALL you need, and much more, within your very center?
What would your joy be if you were in touch with your innate sense where joy is limitless? Is audacious a descriptor of you? Would you like to ‘be it’ more?

These stories of ours, these lives we live are filled with unexpected events and people, twists and turns. At times we could feel we are in the midst of a storm with winds shifting us and rains drenching us. Do you ever feel this way?

What if you learned that life is meant to satisfy you?
In fact, I believe we are meant to be FULLY ALIVE in every moment, to discover that all the qualities that make our lips smile and our hearts rest are found inside us.

You may be wondering, ‘How do I access this part of myself?’

You Have The Key. You Have Already Accessed these deep parts of yourself many times and I want to show you how to do so more consistently so YOU stand Strong and Happy in the storm!!!

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Avanoo Course

YOU: Centered, Focused, Alive!

Do you feel pulled in many directions? Or wish to tap or harness more of your potential?
Or even desire to reach goals that will truly fulfill you without becoming a bundle of stress?

This program will take you to the core solutions that will ignite you with greater clarity, energy, focus, joy, and understanding in every relationship, choice, and task on the way to fulfilling your deeper desires. Click here for demo and more information!

Teresa Course

Within Two Hearts: Teresa and Yours.
Take a walk on your mystic side
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Did you know that Teresa of Avila lived back in the time of the Spanish Inquisition (1500s)- she found that at the center of her own being there was Source, Spirit, God! In a culture that focused upon unworthiness she stood loud and strong. She pointed out that few of us know ourselves, ‘What would it be like if you were in a foreign country and someone asked you your name, and you said ‘uh, I don’t know.’ Wouldn’t that be stupid???’ She said.


That is how we are in relation to ourselves- and the beauty of our souls.
Take this 5 week contemplative course of videos, exercises and meditation to give you the treat of enjoying your beauty- inspired by her writings.

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