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Carol Christie

I've had the honor of meeting many people on a spiritual path and I believe we all have gifts to share with one another. Kimberly is one of those rare souls who radiates, from deep within, a connection with the divine. You feel it in every interaction with her whether she is facilitating a meditation or sharing a cup of tea with you. It is this unwavering embodiment of the divine that draws others to her and makes her such an effective spiritual guide.

Emily Gendron

Kimberly is simply exquisite. She is one of those rare individuals who is in alignment with their purpose and you can feel it in the way she approaches every interaction. If you have the chance to work with Kimberly, consider yourself blessed!

Emmett E. Miller

Kimberly is a radiant spirit, a loving guide, and an enthusiastic leader. She brings a much needed vision and voice to be listened to and experienced.

Aaron Caplan

Kimberly.......I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you again for offering the classes at Omega.... I REALLY meant what I said as I left meditation.  YOUR CLASSES AND YOUR PRESENCE MADE MY WHOLE WEEKEND VERY SPECIAL. GOD BLESS.....YOUR WORK AND WHO YOU ARE......

Ross Hostetter
Author, Keepers of the Field

Kimberly Braun is the 'real deal,' a genuine, authentic transmitter of the best of her spiritual tradition.

Connie Kerr Vogt 

I must tell you that I have attended the chants over 10 years, and they greatly affect me, but honestly your meditation guidance really had an impact when you were teaching a few years ago and I was thrilled to discover you were teaching during this chant--and the meditation this year  was quite profound, truly the highlight of the weekend for me.  I thank you for your teaching, guiding, and for your overall demeanor of sweetness, peace, calm and acceptance, which is so evident.  God is working powerfully through you, and I am so grateful to be the recipient of your gifts...

Molly Kate Brown 

Kimberly's presence is pure love.

Olney MD

It was such a great gift to welcome Kimberly to Olney and participate in the Arise My Beloved Women's Retreat . Kimberly took us on a beautiful and uplifting journey that was filled with tears, love, joy and healing. I loved our visit with the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross and the beauty and peace of our dialogue still lovingly lingers and uplifts me, even months after the retreat. Many thanks to Kimberly for a spirit filled, soul rejuvenating retreat!

Dennis Raimondi
co-host with Phil Goldberg on national radio show

KImberly was a fantastic interview.  She has the unique depth of spiritual experience that comes from living over ten years as a cloistered nun. Kimberly was able to clearly articulate her spiritual growth and how it effected every aspect of her outer life. The listener cannot help but be inspired to live a more meaningful life.

I also attended her live presentation. I along with the rest of the audience was moved and inspired by her. 

Take the time to listen to her and read her writings so that you might incorporate what she has learned on her life’s journey. You will be a better person for doing so.


Participating in events with Kimberly, has been spiritually rewarding for me. She is a vibrant spiritual presence with strong leadership qualities yet remains soft and approachable.

Meditation participant

While staying at the Omega Institute I took a few meditation classes led by Kimberly and she was outstanding. I've been meditating for almost 50 years and I'm not easily impressed by teachers any more.  Kimberly has a wonderful quality of heart//mind and several of her meditations were profoundly moving.  She is the real deal ...

Musician and Achemist

You hear the calling to merge into the truth of your own Being. Step forward. Walk into the guiding presence of Kimberly Braun and breathe in the fragrance of an exotic flower of feminine intellect, wisdom, playfulness and compassion. Kimberly draws you into clarity engendered by a lifetime of actualizing oneness with Spirit.

Rev. William Eddy

KImberly is quite insightful and a great singer, I also read her book about her spiritual path.  I decided to use her as spiritual advisor, which is a consoling relationship that she has training in.  I am working on becoming a priest and this is part of my process.   I am 67 and have been doing spiritual work and self-inquiry work for a long time.  She definitely comes from a different space than I do and I saw that as potential asset and it is.  She is very insightful, she sees who I am on a very deep level and adds insight, direction and process to help me progress.    She is very talented and has the best of others in her heart.  I highly recommend her.  See if she resonates with what you need.

Meditation Retreat participant

Kimberly Braun is a beautiful spirit and a gifted teacher. As a teacher myself, I recognize her gifts and feel safe to become completely vulnerable in her loving presence.

Meditation Retreat Participant

My impressions of this weekend are so mind-altering; the wonderful environment, the learning experience of self-joy and appreciation of the human existance.

Retreat Participant

I came into the weekend not knowing what to expect and feel I have had a life informing experience. I would highly recommend this retreat to all individuals at all levels of spirituality. Kimberly was such a  peaceful, gifted guide.

Meditation Retreat Participant

The beauty of Kim’s heart is soooo contagious that I left so infused with a sense of my own beauty.

Meditation Retreat participant

Mmmmmm, where do I start? I came with 3 specific questions in mind and am leaving with all 3 answered and more! Kimberly is a goddess in her own right. A goddess amongst all of us individuals who become goddesses under her caring, loving guidance.


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