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Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Allow Kimberly to inspire your group to new levels of positive change. Her gift of speech is powerful, insightful, and playful. Her doors are wide open to all forums and locations. With a life devoted to personal development her heart of compassion infuses every word sure to touch all present.

Retreat and workshop facilitator

Retreat and workshop facilitator

Gathering for retreats is one of the most potent ways to bring needs and desires, shift into the answers that lie within, and bring that new level of awareness and being into every part of your life. Having experienced powerful change in this type of community it remains one of Kimberly’s favorite forms of offering personal growth in happiness.



Life is all about coming home to yourself~ your happiest, healthiest, free, peace-filled and most joyful self. My path as minister, spiritual direction, meditation coach and Reiki Master is all about facilitating that experience FOR YOU. Find within yourself all you need and live from that Presence more and more each day! Give yourself a soul massage through my private sessions virtually or in person.

Cultural Diversity Training

Cultural diversity is a common quality of most organizations in our present times. Understanding what cultural diversity is and the opportunity it gives if respect and inclusion are cultivated are key to strengthening your team. A team that learns from each other will continue to grow in productivity, creativity and harmony. Cultural diversity also brings with it potential challenges if it is not acknowledged openly.

This training is an introduction to cultural diversity. In it we will open the doors for your team to learn what it is, acknowledge ways each team member is unique, and how to both listen and communicate mindfully and how to even more effectively learn from each other and bring their own uniqueness to the benefit of the entire team.

Learning objectives
~Explore the basics of diversity in the workplace
~Outline effects of diversity in the workplace
~Strengthen communication skills to improve understanding
~Note what can be learned from each other


Understanding cultural diversity
Cultural diversity- what is it?
Why is it important to recognize cultural diversity
What does it mean to value differences
How does each person play a role in created a workplace that is mindfully inclusive
The word Respect—and why it is the most important part of diversity
What is the personal side of cultural diversity

The effects of cultural diversity in the workplace
When does diversity bring about conflict or misunderstanding
Why is language choice important
What is literally speaking and hearing
Solutions to common communication problems
What do you do when you say the wrong thing

Personal Side of cultural diversity
Learning personal mindfulness
Explanation of the difference between generalizations, stereotypes and personal bias
Introduce strategies to recognize and respond to bias

Inclusivity behavior
Introduce skills to communicate effectively
Building trust
Learn importance of listening and how to know your own filters
What is active listening
How to develop an inclusive perspective

The training includes:
*1 hr. Consultation with company owner or HR representative to establish key objectives to target particular to the work climate

*Pre-seminar confidential personal questionnaire for each employee with review and report highlighting strengths and weaknesses in general terms crafted by Kimberly for company lead.

*2 – 2 hour sessions
Last half hour each sessions is devoted to questions

*Worksheet following each session with implementation exercises

*3-5 page handout giving the breakdown of the presentation and additional resources and information

Cost: 1100.00

Additional 1 hr group sessions to support team growth, integration and change.
This can be tailored from a menu of choices.
Cost 250.00 per session

Additional individual sessions booked as a group rate
Group rate: 500.00 for 10 hours worth of sessions

Individual rate especially good for leaders and department heads:
125.00 per hour

Creative options are available to meet your company’s needs!

Silence Shouts YES
TEDx Sarasota

Talk at CSL, Nashville
Love Calls national book tour

Workshop at Tech conference: BarCamp. Florida

Questions, Ideas or Unique Creative Ventures? Contact Kimberly at:

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