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Tantra of Christ

Have you ever wondered how (or if) the person of Jesus, the essence of Christ and the life view of Tantra (NST school) are all teaching us the same path?

In our western world it can be so easy to separate out this schools—to see them from a place of division. Especially given the ways the experience of Christ has been interpreted over the years.

This event is a three hour experience weaving meditation, inspirational presentation, group practice and partner exercises.

You can watch Kimberly’s talk at the Aspen Chapel by clicking HERE.

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The Tantra of Christ

Contemplative Retreats for the fall of 2020

After a rich year of retreats in 2019 I am scaling back slightly this year…well not so slightly.

You have TWO opportunities, both promising to be a deep and enlightening experience for your heart, your body, your mind and your soul. Stay tuned for details!

December 11th and 12th at the Mary and Joseph Retreat Center in Rancho Palos Verde, Ca
The 11th will be an immersion in chant
The 12th will be ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ with mystics John of the Cross and me.

December 18th-19th
The Path of Illumination
Santa Barbara, Ca
Co-led with Sarah McLean, mystic, spiritual teacher and mindfulness facilitator


Evening Workshop. Denver Silence: The Awakening of Being and Becoming

In some of the most ancient texts was held a perspective that Silence has a three-fold quality of sound (seen and unseen) to it.

Yet the connotation of silence in our modern world is that it is a moving away from sound, which can leave us feeling uncertain and at times fearful of cultivating the inner resting into Silence.

This immersion will open you to new ways to understand and experience yourself in Silence.
To touch Source at our core and live from that place more consistently in every part of our lives.

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Silence workshop

The Awakening of Being and Becoming
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World Meditation for Happiness Project

Grab your virtual cushion and join others around the world to meditate for Happiness for all that lives and breathes!

We are revamping our webinar system to offer virtual attendees a better experience. Stay tuned for details in the future.

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