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  • Recipes for Self-care with Kevin Penell

    Hi and welcome to Toward A Better Life.  This is your host Kevin Pennell.  Think of me as your guide while we travel together, creating more fulfilling, rewarding, and healthier lives.  You won’t need much for this trek, just an open mind, spirit, and heart.  Toward a Better Life podcast features like-minded people sharing stories, ideas, and activities, on what we can

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  • SoulCast

    In this podcast, we allow our soul to cast to be very transparent about everyday living, spiritual practices, experiences through relationships, and research to assist in the self-growth, self- improvement, and healing process that is thriving in today’s society. Enjoy this conversation between Meela and Kimberly:

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  • A Little Less Fear with Dr. Lino“Touch in on resonance and experience its peace”. ” A stirring is inspiration”. “To be your full potential, give a ‘Yes’ to what resonates with you”. This podcast episodes has many great quotes and incredible topics on Divinity, that can help guide you to your highest potential. What is potential? Potential is “being” and “becoming”.  This is Dr. Lino Martinez

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  • Evolving Humans with Julia Marie

    The podcast highlights the power of faith and surrender in achieving seemingly impossible tasks, and  provides evidence that with Spirit, all things are possible. We just have to do our part. Gratitude to Pixabay artists for the music beds on today’s episode:Relaxing Time – soothing music 120090 andNature’s Eye-Gentle Piano meditation 9692 RESOURCES: Miracles in the Naked Light Thank you for listening

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  • Mindful Introvert with Joana Calado This podcast helps you cope with your endless and overwhelming need to be perfect. Hosted by Joana, she knows the struggles of overachievers. Are you anxious with low self-esteem and no confidence? Is being good not good enough anymore? Joana uses Mindfulness and Neuro-linguistic programming in her practice as a coach where she helps stressed go-getters avoid burnout and

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  • Who God Says with Ty-Shaun-Dra

    The Power of Your Yes – God Will Send Resources To The Obedient “yes” to something can be a powerful thing. It can lead to opportunities, growth, and change. In a spiritual context, saying “yes” to God can be even more transformative. When we choose to walk in obedience to God’s will, he promises to provide for us and send resources our way.This principle is demonstrated throughout

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  • Self-Talk with Rachel Astarte

    Enjoy this powerful episode with Rachel: and author Rachel Astarte hosts brief talks and guided meditations to help listeners build the strong foundation of self needed in order to live an enriching and fully human life.Linkin Bio: & Facebook: @rachelastartetherapy

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  • All Things in the Name of Love: Divine Remembrance

    Day 20 of Pod Madness Episode 38 – Divine Remembrance with Kimberly Braun me today as I speak with author, speaker, former nun, and deep mystic Kimberly Braun as we discuss: * Her early childhood awareness of unconditional love and how that’s informed her path; * Exploring the illusion of separation; * How deeply ingrained the drive to prove

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  • Self Discovery Wisdom

    Another terrific conversation with Sara Troy, always inspiring, always uplifting and always practical to every day life. Click here for our interview:

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  • Chakra Chat with Rosanne Nieboer

    What a lovely conversation we had…Rosanne is a Chakra Expert, Meditation Leader and has been a Yoga Teacher for over 20 years. Her passion for sharing the ancient wisdom of the chakras was the inspiration for starting her podcast – The Chakra Way Meditation Podcast – where various modalities of healing, self-growth and development are explored with a variety of

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