This time of year is so often a time of reflecting upon the past and the future, and making a choice for intentions.
And understandably so. Setting time aside to reflect upon what we are doing and why we are doing it can rally us around our life purpose and lead us to new levels of expression.

That being said, I would like to introduce a valuable step in the process, or even a goal in and of itself…that is, going with the flow.

Getting to know ourselves and realizing our potential is a continual unraveling of the layers of self, a continual process of actually and truly getting to know ourselves. We never come to a time where we can say with complete penetration that we know ourselves entirely, for we are like the universe, ever expanding and ever evolving and therefore ever changing.

Do you believe this is so?
Would you be willing to entertain the possibility? Even try it out to see if it could be helpful in understanding you and your deeper desires?

If you do, it could make a huge difference in how you go about setting and living out intention for the year to come.

The first step in the process is to look within, and recognize the flow within you. This would be the natural way in which you wish to move.

Do you feel yourself saying, ‘But how can I get in touch with that flow??’

First, take note of ideas in your mind that do not serve you. period.
Note the belief, the ideal, the idea and see if it is helpful to you. 

If it isn’t it is time to let it go.

When this is done there will be a feeling of standing naked before yourself.
And HERE ask, ‘What do you truly desire, oh dear self?’




The response is your intention!

This step-that is getting in touch with your flow- can be very powerful to realizing the fulfillment of your intentions. It doesn’t matter how much vehemence with which you may claim an intention, the fulfillment will elude you if the desire does not come from your true self. Even if you have the fulfillment of your intention externally, if you are not aligned and in the flow of your deeper desire, there will be a certain of emptiness or void.

Perhaps you wish to do more than just go with the flow in identifying your intention, maybe you want to actually go with the flow of your life as its own goal for the new year.

What would it be like to take each moment and give yourself the breathing room to move freely and independently?

What could happen if you make authenticity and honesty the ground or carpet upon which you stand and from there ask the questions and from there listen to the answers?

What might happen this coming year if you courageously recognize the many ways you allow the world, your past, and conclusions accepted without true inquiry influence you?

And what might happen if you audaciously accepted yourself without all the conditions that keep you distant from intimacy?
Intimacy always happens at home, in the home of you with yourself; going with your flow could quite possibly be the greatest gift you ever receive.

Go with the flow! It is the greatest action you can assume for the fulfillment of all your desires.


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