I was cleaning up my various online platforms and work flows today. As you can imagine, it is a winding path that takes time and attention. While it might seem tedious or burdensome, days like this I find refreshing.


When I make the choice, I settle in for the journey. I let go of ideas of how long it will take or how fast I can get it done. As a naturally productive person, I know myself and know that while I linger, it will not be in a way that loses focus or momentum. This is most probably owing to the years as a monastic, but who really knows?

One area of cleanup was to create the new audience for Mailchimp that will collect names and send emails on behalf of BLISS, Colorado Chant and Sacred Sound Festival, my new event happening this year. Amidst this administrative task I paused an automation (that is a series of emails that will go out without you scheduling them, they are part of triggered messages based upon someone signing up for something.)

I’m not sure you are super interested in all this set-up, but it’s part of what took me to the moment. One of the emails had the poem below of Hafiz. I had forgotten all about it as it was used for a creative project from 7 years ago. And I read it, ever so slowly.

Do you have just a moment? To let yourself read this ever so slowly?

‘There are so many positions of love:
each curve of a branch,

the thousand ways your eyes can hold us,
the infinite shapes each mind
can draw,

the spring orchestra of scents and sounds wafting through the air,
the currents of light combusting like

the revolution of the universe’s skirts, whose folds
contain other worlds,

our every sigh that falls against
the inconceivably close,

In the poem is contained so very much. So many positions of love. While Hafiz focuses specific attention upon pleasurable details like a spring orchestra and a curve of a branch, he frames everything in all consuming observations like the universe’s skirt, infinite shapes of the mind, and thousands of ways eyes hold us.

What this evoked within me was the way every single movement of my being is a position of love. Even when the mind goes down a path of ignorance or insanity, or when the heart finds itself crushed. These are extreme, and I can imagine that most of the time we are somewhere on the spectrum and not on the edges. But everything of what we are is part of the revolution of the universe’s skirt.

Isn’t it refreshing to awaken in the understanding that all, simply all, is a position of love? And what way can we get specific in naming it, so that the consolation of the Divine eyes can hold us?

Refreshing thoughts.


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