The ache…the ache….sometimes life aches…that ache, you know it…it happens sometimes when we are taken from ‘knowing’ and jettisoned into unknowing…when in an instant we taken from sweet familiarity into a sudden loss…what was once immediate is now distant. Once it was clear; once life was so very clear. And we ache…longing not to ache anymore.

And we wonder, do we not, if this is what it is about? Is it all about the feeling of it all? Is that where fulfillment and union can be found in this life? To know you have lived and loved to the fullest of your own capability. Knowing in that full gift is the fullness of humanity- filled with strength and weakness.

It makes me wonder. Are we not like the flowers of the field that seed and grow and bloom and die?
Are we not kissed by the sun and stroked by the wind?
Ah, we open our petals and spread our fragrance, rejoicing all the while in the sweetness of living.

The rain comes too, sometimes like a gentle blanket caressing us and sometimes pounding us relentlessly…Then, oh then, pull our petals tightly, holding on for dear life, wishing for the kiss of the sun…

The question remains, can we do this dance? Or will we ache for the kiss of the sun?

I say yes to the dance.

Let the rain rush upon me. Drench me rain! Soak me to the bone, mat my hair and pound upon me-make me a puddle like you.

Then I will know what it is like to be a puddle.

Aaaaah, yes, then like a child my feet will kick and splash…spreading droplets across the land that is filled with drought for it has feared to love.


With you in the rain,



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